Erika was best known for her role as Maxine Shaw on the show and we recently found out what she’s been up to; she’s been putting her efforts into creating a graphic novel series called Concrete Park.

According to, Erika teamed up with her husband, Tony Puryear, and her brother, Robert, to create the series set in the future where humanity is threatened to be demolished by gangs. Concrete Park features two female leads: Luca, a gang leader and her lesbian partner, Lena, along with a host other multicultural characters who struggle to survive their harsh environment.

In a Q&A with Comic Book Therapy, Alexander says she’s been writing for 20 years, but the idea for her graphic novel came from movies and works by Octavia Butler.

“Tony, my brother and I share the co-creator credit,” said Alexander. “We just made something we wanted to see. We were all inspired by films like City of God. Octavia Butler’s work was a big influence. Another important touchstone for us is old soul music.”

When asked if Concrete Park will ever make its way to the big screen, Alexander said, “We are filmmakers. So we think in moving pictures, but right now we are focused on making Concrete Park the best graphic novel we can for our publisher and our fans.”

This sounds succulent and juicy! “We are livinnn..sin-gle…

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